Ductless Heat Pump

What is a Ductless Heat Pump

A Ductless Heat Pump, also referred to as a mini-split heat pump, is a highly efficient and effective electric system that utilizes heat pump technology to distribute warm and cool air quietly while keeping your heating costs low. Ductless Heat Pumps are more efficient than electric furnaces, baseboards and/or wall heaters, and are an ideal heating and cooling solution for homes in the Central Oregon Area.

If you have electric baseboards, wall heaters or an electric heat blower, adding a ductless heating and cooling system can save you up to 40% on you annual utility costs. They are ultra-quiet, provide maximum comfort, and added control over your comfort at home. In addition to Oregon Tax Credits available on qualifying projects, some local utility companies are also offering Cash Incentives for qualifying homes that make the change.


How do Ductless Heat Pumps Work?

Ductless Heat Pumps have 2 major components. The first component is the actual Heat Pump, located on the exterior of the home, commonly referred to as the outdoor unit, and the second component is the Air Handler, often referred to as the Indoor Unit. One or more Indoor Units can be placed inside the home to create heating or cooling zones. The outdoor unit connects to the indoor unit(s) primarily through a set of cables or rather "linesets" that carry refrigerant back and forth through the lines as the system cycles. The outdoor unit is usually placed on the ground level, while the indoor unit(s) can be placed in nearly any room inside the home. A three-inch hole is made to bring the linesets inside the wall at the indoor unit location, generally mounted high on the wall to optimize coverage.


Will a Ductless Heat Pump Work for My Home? 

The short answer is...yes!

Ductless Heat Pumps are an excellent choice for homes with electric heat, manufactured homes, major remodels, new additions to existing homes and  newly constructed homes.

Existing Homes_Single Zone

On Existing Homes, keeping your existing heating system in place in addition to the Ductless Heat Pump minimizes cost and ensures bedrooms and bathrooms remain at desired temperatures. For Existing Home projects, the linesets are usually ran outside the home to the desired location, The Indoor Unit is placed in your home’s main living area to warm or cool as you’d like via remote control. The control lets you adjust your system's settings, temperature, fan speed, wave pattern, and more for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Existing Homes_Multi-Zone

For Remodels, Larger Homes, or more Increased Control over the individual rooms and/or zones. Multiple Air Handlers can be placed throughout the living space to create additional zones. This is also a great option for Two-Level homes, homes with large master suites, or homes that have separate wings or additions. Our sales reps will happily work with you to determine the best configuration for your home needs.













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