Maintenance Plan


The best way to keep your equipment running at peak performance is to incorporporate a routine Maintenance Plan.

Deschutes Heating and Cooling specializes in maximizing the lifespan of your equipment by offering comprehensive maintenance plans customized for your home.

Call us at: (541) 382-0424 to discuss the best maintenance plan for your home.



What is a Maintenance Plan?

Our maintenance plan is an agreement between you, our valued customers, and us, to provide the necessary routine maintenance needed for your home. It is a service designed to keep your heating and cooling system operating at peak efficiency. You select the equipment you would like serviced and choose the time of year that is most convenient for you.

Whether you choose Spring, Fall, Bi-Annual or Quarterly Maintenance, our trained Service Technicians will provide the service and necessary checks in order to spot and correct potential problems.

A maintenance agreement is especially helpful to those who enjoy the convenience, dependability and security that comes with a well working heating and cooling system... And the biggest benefit of all is peace of mind.

There is no annual fee and no cost to enroll. Simply pay as you go at the time the service is performed. Plus, our Maintenance Agreement Customers receive a 10% Discount on any Recommended Repairs at time of Service.




What system checks are included in our Routine Maintenance Plan?

Our Fall Maintenance Plan is recommended for Furnaces and Heat Pumps and includes the following multi-point checks and cleaning of your system:

  1. Clean and check automatic controls.
  2. Check burners.
  3. Check combustion for optimum fuel efficiency.
  4. Lubricate as needed.
  5. Test for combustion leaks.
  6. Test for safety shutoff response.
  7. Check blower.
  8. Check flue for satisfactory operation.
  9. Advise/consult customer re: recommended repairs if needed.

Our Spring Maintenance Plan is highly recommended for Air Conditioners and as well as Heat Pumps and Ductless Systems. It Includes the Following Checks and Maintenance:

  1. Check condenser coil. Clean.
  2. Check electrical connections for tightness.
  3. Check system for optimum cooling.
  4. Check for oil and refrigerant leaks.
  5. Check safety devices.
  6. Check indoor blower/outdoor fan.
  7. Check temperature drop across indoor coil.
  8. Check refrigerant level.
  9. Check condendsate drain. Clean and clear.*
  10. Lubricate as needed.
  11. Advise/consult customer re: recommended repairs if needed.


Please Note the Following:

*Damage due to condensate and/or waste water leaks are not covered under manufacturer's warranty.

*Parts and/or Labor for Repairs are NOT covered under a Routine Maintenance.

*Routine Maintenance cannot predict and/or prevent all potential equipment malfunctions. However, many manufacturer's require routine maintenance as a condition of their warranty.




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