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Eric did a fantastic job and is just as friendly, accommodating and helpful as they come! I have used them at both my home and a commercial property and recommend them highly!
I wouldn't use anyone else!!

Nicole H.

I just want to say how thankful we are for the Deschutes Heating and Cooling team.

We were very close to pulling the trigger (is that politically correct?) on buying a new furnace due to what we were told was a cracked heat exchanger.  Dave found the heater exchanger to be just fine, but discovered a bad pvc joint that was causing the water issue...Whew!  Huge cost savings...Thanks Dave!

Dan B.

What a great company! Actually did what they said the would and sent us a maintenance reminder card in the mail. We were so happy to see that, NO other company has followed through. Lots and lots of kudos to you!

Thank you,



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