Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning Products offer American Made and Energy Star® Rated Solutions. Coleman® Products are one of the core Residential brands sold by York, a Johnson Controls Company (a $30-billion company).When you purchase a Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning product you get all the benefits of a large corporation.

Coleman offers a wide product range, solid equipment backed by extensive research and development, and innovative manufacturing facilities located here in the US. All the while still giving their customers the individual attention that comes with a hometown business mentality.

Whether your home has natural gas or electric heating, Coleman’s varied product line can meet your needs. The Coleman® lineup includes:

Propane and Natural Gas Furnaces,

Electric Heat Pumps,

Indoor Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, and more.


ProductsColeman Gas Furnaces

Coleman's Echelon Series Gas Furnaces are top of the line. They are far more efficient than older traditional furnace systems. Offering up to 98.5% Fuel Efficiency, with Modulating Variable Speed Technology. These High Efficiency Models have some of the highest ratings in the industry, including Energy Star’s Award for Most Efficient System in 2014. For some, making the Echelon choice could reduce energy bills by up to 40%.




Products Coleman Heat Pumps

Coleman Heat Pumps can work with any home heating plan. With Comfort Series, LX Series, and Coleman's Echelon Heat Pump line we’ve got solutions in all shapes and sizes.

Coleman Heat Pumps work in tandem with Coleman’s Electric Air Handlers. With Variable Speeds and EcoTrak™ Technology, these air handlers can use less electricity than a 100-watt light bulb. With a Coleman Heat Pump System you can set your thermostat to a cycle that works best for you, optimizing your comfort and your cost.



Coleman Air Conditioners

When you're hot you're HOT!!! So stay cool with a Coleman A/C!

Central A/C units are far more efficient than window or through-the-wall units. They tie in to your existing ductwork and heating system so they are out of the way and are very convenient to operate when connected to your thermostat.

Coleman® Heating and Air Conditioning is all about providing rugged and reliable Air Conditioners to keep you cool. Coleman offers Air Conditioners with up to 5.0 Tons of Capacity and models with up to 18.5 SEER in efficiency ratings.



Coleman Humidifiers

Tired of getting shocked by static electricity? Itchy Dry skin? Do you have constant Indoor Allergies? Or just expensive hard woods in your home? There are many good reasons to add a Humidifier to your home.

The Coleman Echelon™ Series humidifier integrates with your existing heating & cooling system to maintain proper humidity throughout your entire home. Able to deliver up to 18 gallons of water a day, Coleman Humidifiers can raise your comfort level by delivering optimum levels of humidity throughout your home everyday.




Indoor Air Quality Products

Even the cleanest homes can build up dust. Typical homes can also be filled with pet dander, mold, bacteria, plant pollens, fumes from chemicals, and more. One of the best ways to protect your home is with the added filtration of an Electric Air Cleaner.

Especially suited for homeowners sensitive to airborne virus, bacteria or mold particles. A Coleman EAC can decrease allergens and mold particles by 99%. Removes indoor virus-sized particles by 80% and Reduce airborne dust by 94%.




The Coleman Guarantee

With Efficient & Reliable Heating and Cooling Solutions backed by a solid Warranty Program, Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning products are the Smart Choice for any homeowner looking to make a sound investment.


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