1st Time Home Buyer


1st Time Home Buyers – Caveat Emptor

house rich - cash poor

Many first time homebuyers are about to be house rich and cash poor. So the last thing you need is an expensive HVAC repair or replacement shortly after move-in. When shopping for your next home, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into.

While your realtor should be your trusted guide, they are not likely to be an expert on Heating Systems. Home Inspectors too can be life savers when looking at what could be a hidden money pit, but they are not trained HVAC professionals. When looking at any home for sale, having a trusted HVAC provider can be instrumental in helping you turn keys with eyes wide open on your first home investment.


There are a few important questions you’ll need answers to in order to make an informed decision when looking at houses. While you may have many great questions, the questions below are essential to answer when evaluating any home purchase.

Question #1: Is the heating system in good working condition?

Don’t be afraid to ask for maintenance records. If the home you are considering is more than 10 years old it’s a good idea to have the system evaluated by an HVAC professional. If the homeowner hasn’t had a system maintenance performed in the last 6 months, ask to have it done as a condition of the sale and ask for a copy of the invoice.


Question #2: How old is the system? Is it under warranty?

If the system is less than 10 years old, it may still be under warranty. However, some warranties are not transferrable so be sure to ask. If the system is greater than 10 years old, the warranty has likely expired. In the event of a malfunction, you may be looking at a costly repair or replacement in the near future. For budgeting purposes, consider that you may need to replace the system within the next 1-5 years.


Question #3: What is the expected cost of operation?

With up to 50% of your energy bill coming directly from your heating system it’s important to know what to expect. In addition to the cost of a routine maintenance plan, it’s important to consider what factors are contributing to your anticipated energy costs. Outdated equipment, leaky ductwork, and poor insulation can increase energy costs significantly. Your heating contractor may have suggestions for ways to improve the overall efficiency of your home with or without replacing your equipment.


Question #4: How does it work?

If you are unfamiliar with the type of system in your home; the thermostat, filter location(s), or appropriate maintenance procedures needed to keep the heating/cooling system in good condition, contact your heating company directly and ask about a new homeowner orientation. At Deschutes Heating, even if the home is not brand new, we gladly provide a 15-20 min orientation as a courtesy service to new customers when you enroll in our annual maintenance plan.


At Deschutes Heating & Cooling, we are your local heating and cooling experts. Our sales team and service technicians are happy to address all your heating and cooling questions and can provide you with pre-sale home inspections, maintenance services, maintenance plans, free quotes for repair and replacements, and helpful advice on how to maximize the return on your next home investment.

Give us a call today and let us help you through the process at (541) 382-0424.



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