Selling your Home

Selling Your Home?  Here's what you need to know...


It’s important to know what condition your heating equipment is in when preparing to sell your home. Even in “as is” home sales, many prospective buyers are looking for the no-hassle home purchase.

Surveys have shown that prospective buyers are more likely to pass


over an otherwise good home if they suspect the heating system is on the brink of a major meltdown. Knowing the overall condition of your heating/cooling system and being able to relay that information can be the ücheckmark that sets you apart in the real estate market.


While regular maintenance on your heating system is the best way to retain its value, in the absence of a solid maintenance history, you should be prepared to produce a recent maintenance invoice or pay for one upon request.

Having your equipment serviced, inspected, and cleaned, prior to selling your home puts you in the know about the condition of your equipment. You don’t want a home inspector to be the one who discovers your dirty filter or a faulty air conditioner.

When you request a pre-sale maintenance, your service technician will complete an evaluation of the equipment and may have repair suggestions or be able to let you know about any coming repairs or replacement costs that buyers may be facing down the road.



Your prospective buyer may also inquire about the age of the equipment or any warranty available with the equipment. Not all warranties are transferrable, so make sure you are up to date on the terms of service for any of your equipment still under warranty. If the warranty is transferrable, be sure to have the necessary paperwork ready to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Overall Comfort

Potential buyers may also inquire about any hot spots or cold rooms in the home. While it is best to address repairs and resolve any ducting issues prior to selling the home, there is a value in having your own estimate for repair costs. Even if you decide not to 

pre-sale maintenance quotepursue it, knowing the cost of those repairs could be a valuable tool in the negotiating process.




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