There are several factors to consider when looking at replacement options for your heating system:

Age: The average lifespan differs based on the quality of the unit, how it was used and whether it has been properly maintained. Generally speaking, a heating system can be expected to last somewhere between 12 - 20 years.

A forced air heat pump will fall at the lower end of the range (around 13-15 years), while a gas or oil-fueled model may last as long as 16-18 years or more.

Warranty: Equipment warranties are a good indicator of life. While a well maintained unit can run years beyond its warranty period, the cost of one major repair outside of the warranty period could be close to half the cost of a replacement system. If your furnace or heat pump is out of warranty it is a good time to start planning for a replacement unit.

Cost to Replace: While our technicians have seen some heating equipment still chugging along at 25 years or more, it’s safe to say that outside of 15 years, the unit is probably very near the end of its useful life. The cost to replace the system now compared to estimated cost to replace 3-5 years from now could be quite significant. Plus, a pro-active timed replacement of your old system could save you hundreds of dollars when compared to making a high pressure emergency decision in the dead of winter.

Efficiency: With continual advances in technology over time there may be a better option available today. Some furnaces today can reach up to 98% efficiency. If the current furnace is 80% AFUE or lower, a replacement could add up to significant energy savings.

If you have hot spots, cold rooms, old leaky ductwork, poor filtration or other issues that you’ve been putting off…talk to your sales rep or technician. Making improvements to and/or replacing your ductwork at the same time to address these issues can help you maximize the overall efficiency of your system.

Return on Investment: When comparing apples to apples, be sure to consider the warranty details before any new equipment purchase. Some brands will require annual maintenance, some will require online registration, and some products will have optional labor warranties that can be added for a very low cost. If you have plans to move during the life of the warranty ask if the warranty is transferrable. A new system with a transferable warranty could bring significant added value to your home.

In addition to financing options that may be available. Manufacturers as well as local utility companies will sometimes provide cash incentives for upgrading your equipment. Check with your representative about what incentives may be available when you are ready to replace.


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